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Connecting to External Monitor


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Dec 28, 2010
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Hello everyone, I am new here and a new mac user. I wanted to ask about connecting my ipad to a HD Monitor.

My goal is to watch my online streaming class lectures on this external monitor. I have been researching how to do this from an Ipad for much of the day, I just wanted to run it by whoever reads this to see if there were any flaws in my plan, as I am new to this, and don't want to do something to damage my ipad.

I will begin by Jailbreaking my ipad with Spirit, then I will download Display out.

I will then connect the VGA output to VGA to HDMI upscaler so the signal sent from my Ipad will show up as 1080p on my external monitor.

At this point, from what I understand it, the monitor and my Ipad will just be mirrors of one another, and I will still be able to control my Ipad and watch the changes on my monitor in real time as I control the Ipad?

Is this something that will work? Or are there any more steps I need to take in preparation for this task?

Thank you for reading, sorry if anything I am asking is very obvious to the rest of you, I'm just trying to learn and do this the right way.
I have used Display Out from Cydia to display on a 60" Sony HDTV and it looks pretty good. Your are correct, it will mirror the iPads display. Caution, I have heard that some programs won't work this way, but, I'm not sure they were talking about Display Out or another program or app. I used the VGA put to the TV and it worked fine.

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