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Closing applications actually drains battery (Still under testing)

so far from my experience leaving the apps open and not forcing them close uses more battery.

That figures. I have been leaving apps open over the last couple days but don't really notice much a difference. I've always been pleased with my iPad battery life so maybe that's why?
i used to have fetch mode on in my emails, so used to get emails as soon as they were sent,now i switched that off, so get the emails when i start the mail app, do it 3-4 times a day, so reasonable. Another thing did was switch all the unnecessary notifications i used to get, only left essential stuff on notifications and these procedures definitely helped with the extra better life. now i don't bother to force close the apps
Just to put in my two pennies worth, I have not been forcing my apps to close and since I left home earlier today at 1030 hrs (GMT) I have been using my ipad via mobile hotspot. When I left I had 30% power left. I still have 30%power! I do stress that I have not been using the iPad 100% of the time but a good proportion of it and I have only been using it to surf the web and sort my emails. I am still testing and will update accordingly but 3.5 hrs on and still at 30%, amazing!

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