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Can't upload music to iPad...please help


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Jun 30, 2010
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Hi everyone!!

I bought my iPad (64GB) a few weeks back...I can't use it with my Mac Laptop (Tiger) so I've been using it with my Mum's Windows 7 laptop.

But I have a problem, everytime I try to upload music or video...it wont allow me. I've tried various ways...tried everything I can think but it still wont let me add music to the iPad :(

The music I have works perfectly on my iPod Touch...never had any problems with the Touch at all....all music and videos work great on it. (the MP3s are either downloaded from a music store online or ripped from CD's...none from iTunes)

btw - I've even tried jailbreaking it today to see if that worked, but sadly the jailbreak isn't working with Windows 7.

Anyone got any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Any help that I can get would be very much appreciated!! (this iPad is driving me mad :( )


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Jun 9, 2010
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What do you mean by "it won't allow you"? Do you get an error message? Or does it pretend to sync but nothing shows up on the iPad?

Your songs have to be imported into your iTunes library first before you can select music to sync onto the iPad. In iTunes, under the File menu, there are two choices "Add file" and "Add folder to library". Choose whatever method to import your music into your iTunes library.

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