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Sound issue, upon uploading any video.


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Mar 2, 2020
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I have a problem that started recently that happens any time I upload a video from my iPad to either twitter, instagram and of all places the ZEPETO app. Possibly other places too but I haven’t yet tried anywhere else. Basically if I make a video in iMovie or in Videoleap and render it the sound plays fine on my device but when I upload it to those places the sound is muted. This can’t be a copyright issue because the sound is often just my voice or a couple times, royalty free music.

My work around has been to email the video to myself, download it on my android phone, convert it from mobile to mp4 and THEN upload it to those places but that’s a really intensive process to just upload a video I made to the internet WITH SOUND.

I’m going around the bend trying to figure out why the heck this is happening but everytime I google the issue all that comes up is people having trouble with iPad muting YouTube videos. and my issue isn’t even that sound is muted on the iPad, it works fine on the iPad, it’s that it mutes all my uploads.

Edit: oh I recently also downloaded a tiktok to show a friend through twitter dms and that also got muted when I uploaded it (again, no copyright music was included, just a person talking) so apparently it isn’t even related to the creative software I was using. I’m losing my mind.

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