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Can't find music I know I have


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Sep 27, 2010
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Lafayette, CO
I synchronize my iPad daily with my iTunes on my Mac. The setup is to sync the entire music library.

But I keep having trouble finding some songs. I looked for a song today that I knew was on my iTunes, the title is "It Was a Very Good Year" from the album "Genius Loves Company" with Ray Charles and Willie Nelson singing. I selected "Ray Charles", don't see the song, then "See More by Ray Charles", don't see the song, then "See All", and finally found it. When I selected it, I got an offer to get 3 months free of Apple Music. I think this list has all of his songs. I wish I had found his song earler.

That's not what I want. I just want music I bought on my iPad.

I went home and connected it to my Mac and double checked to see if the song was on iTunes, and everything was synchronized. Remembering the name of the song, I searched by name and found it on my iPad and could play it.

So searched for "Genius Loves Company". It came up with only 2 songs from the album, not including the song I just played. I want to see all of the songs from that album. So I go to Albums, and scroll down to "Genius Loves Company". It shows 3 albums by that name, one having songs 1-11, one having 11-12, and one having song #1.

I went to iTunes 12.7.0, selected albums and sorted it by title. Yep, 3 albums, I was able to edit them so that the title and artist agreed (why were they different, I don't know), then synchronized. Now there are only two albums of that name and artist on my iPad - the cover art is slightly different. One album has the cover that is in iTunes, but only song #1. The other has a different cover, but it has every song.

I finally decided to skip playlists and just list songs, sorted by artist or title, but not available to sort by album. I see several Ray Charles albums - but not that Ray Charles album. I found it sorted by name. The album artist is "Various artists", while the song is "Ray Charles & Willie Nelson". So I looked in my iPad, sorted by Artist, and found a bunch of randomly named artists sorted under "V", including this song.

This last thing really looks like a bug.

What *should* I have done to quickly find the song I was looking for?
If you edited both albums so they displayed the same album art as well as having all the other details match, you should see all songs in the one album as intended.
When I discovered that editing the title and artist, I assumed that editing the art would work as well. But in iTunes, the art is all the same.
When I discovered that editing the title and artist, I assumed that editing the art would work as well. But in iTunes, the art is all the same.

Make sure check the artwork carefully in iTunes on the computer. It is possible add more than one image, and any image in addition to the one downloaded from iTunes will be the one displayed in the list; but may not be the first one you see when editing.

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