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Can't add bookmarks


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Jul 13, 2013
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Along a similar line, I can't Add Bookmarks after adding many in the past. Ive tried several web suggestions: reset the iPad as you mention in addition to disconnecting from iCloud, turning off safari and wiping history etc. It has all been to no avail.

During this effort I have wiped all of my bookmarks, though fortunately they did seem to recover from iCloud or where-ever. I don't want to repeat that stressful episode!

So ..., does anyone have a sure fire way to fix this for my iPad v4?

---------------------------------- Update. ----------------------------------
To minimize the thread on this post I here-in add this update through an edit (as there are not visible any posts in response to mine).

I fess up to say that what was interpreted to be an iPad problem is in fact an operator fault.

I had not previously noted that in creating a bookmark there is in fact an option of saving a bookmark to be listed under 'Bookmarks' or 'Bookmarks Bar'. Until recently I had entered these under the latter after which I had unknowingly toggled to the other. The net result was that the bookmarks were being recorded but not in the list that I would normally open to use those bookmarks.

Now in summation since I better understand this setup, it seems preferable to me to have the bulk of these bookmarks moved from the 'Bar' to the general bookmarks folder.

Is there a way to move entries between the 'Bookmarks' and the 'Bookmarks Bar' folders?

---------------------------------- Update. ----------------------------------
Ditto, as above, in the meantime as there have been no responses so I will insert here:

To answer my own last question of moving between folders, several websites indicate that these might only be moved one at a time and I reference a site where 'Troy' has some pretty good detail shown in this site:

Managing iPad Bookmarks | Troy Scott
Apr 25, 2012 - Here are two common task that you may want to perform: Moving a bookmark within the same folder; Moving a bookmark to a new folder

If you make sub-folders on the Bookmarks Bar, your markers can be moved pretty quickly, even though you will move them on at a time.

Beam me oughta' here, Scotty, I've had enough for a day,

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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Since I'm an OS X and iCloud user, I cheat. I do all my major bookmark editing in Safari on the computer and let them sync back to the iPad. Technically this can be done in Windows as well, using the Windows version of Safari. However most Windows users don't care for Safari, and from what I hear of the Windows version, I can't blame them.

Of course, you could us Safari on Windows for this, and nothing more, I suppose.

Then again (I can't confirm this) it seems to me that iCloud will sync with IE's bookmarks as well. So that may be an option.

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