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Can you use an external cell card via USB port on iPad 2?


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Dec 16, 2011
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I am a prospective buyer of an iPad2. I am not thrilled with ATT or Verizon G3 option for U.S. buyers. Does anyone know if you can use an external cell card via the USB connection on an iPad2? I greatly appreciate any feedback/answers.
Having not tried it, my confidence in this answer is not absolute. But I believe the answer is: no.

- I have seen no menu option that allows network connection through any wire or cable.
- connection of USB through camera connection kit appears limited to cameras and photos.
- Does not appear to be a lot of device drivers for USB through stock cable.

Wifi and 3g appear to be intended access to internet.
Thanks to both oberkc and thewitt. I presumed as much, however, I appreciate your confirmation. It looks like it is going to be AT&T for my G3 connection option as it uses GSM networks and the SIM card is changeable (versus the Verizon which cannot be changed).

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