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How to transfer photos from iPad to XP computer?


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Aug 8, 2012
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How to transfer photos from iPad1 to XP computer?

I added photos to my iPad1 by synchronization process, not by taking photos with inbuilt camera. Three is no camera. With normal access, I can only see the saved images of the iPad, not the photos I added in.

I lost the photos stored in my external drive that I synched to my iPad1 before. So I want to retrieve a copy of all the photos in the iPad. I did a backup through iTunes. However, when I look up the backup, they are all gibberish to me. I can't find the photos. Does the backup back up the photos as well, in fact everything including system and user's data files?

I open the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard when iPad is plugged into an XP computer, they show only the IMG_0001.png and IMG_0002.png files and they are the background of the iPad home screen. Where are hundreds of photos I can see from the Photos app on the iPad? When I open Windows Explorer and naviagate to the iPad I see the same.

Please help me to recover the photos!

By the way, can I add more photos to the iPad without losing the existing photos already there? Every time I add photos to the iPad using the Sync process. Is that the only way? Sync is also the only way to restore the iPad, isn't it? In order to add new photos to the iPad, I have to already have a copy of photos already stored in iPad put together with the new ones, otherwise I will lose the existing phtos. Am I right?

Please could somebody help me!
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