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Call me jealous


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Jun 3, 2010
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I was a little jealous that iPhones/iTouches would be getting the release of iOS4 before the iPad but after hearing reports of numerous widespread issues I'm glad they get to "beta" test it for us iPad users :)
I think I might wait a few days after the iPad update goes live before jumping right in. I'm chicken that way.
It's not the iOS I'm jealous of, it's double the ram in the new iPhone.

The only other thing I'm looking forward to is folders because I hate untidy desktops, and some of the current icons look ugly (iPod and iTunes I'm looking at you...)
iOS 4 is a worthy upgrade. I have it since yesterday on my iPhone 3GS. But since my current love affair is with the iPad, I can only say the I can't wait until late summer/fall for the unified iPad version.
iOS 4 is a worthy upgrade. I have it since yesterday on my iPhone 3GS. But since my current love affair is with the iPad, I can only say the I can't wait until late summer/fall for the unified iPad version.

I upgraded my 3GS to OS4 and it's brilliant I can't wait to get it for the iPad.
Not sure which will happen first.
1) The update gets released for iPad, or
2) I finally upgrade from my iPhone 2G

Until then no IOS4 for me.
I updated my 3G to iOS4 and I'm not all that impressed. I know many of the features don't translate to the 3G (e.g. wallpaper, multitasking). The big one I'm looking forward to on the iPad is multitasking.
I have os4on my iPhone 4its impressive not crazy impressive. The iPad can definitely benefit like folders hasty says it's not the best folder system i have seen but does tidy things up. And the "multi-tasking" or rightfully called "fast app switching" us nice the iPad half does this already by saving everything it does in the apps. The only gain we will get on the iPad is the double home tap and you can swipe thru all the open apps. You can already listen to music on your iPod and do annoying you want on the iPad.

And the os 4 problems are more on the iPhones fault if there are any REAL fault. I believe people just like to complain.
Yeah people just like to make a big stink out of anything they can thats apple related.

and im not sure why people keep refering to iOS 4 and the 4th generation iPhone as the same thing.
I really like iOS4 on my 3GS now that the apps are updating to support it. Simple things like listening to radio in the background and the improved mail client (multiple exchange accounts). All these things are helping my productivity/usage and although I love my iPad it would really benefit from them.
Honestly, beyond the email improvements IOS4 strikes me as meh.

Folders: meh
Fast switching/multitasking: meh
Background stuff: meh
Everything: meh

Now if they found a way to put a proper file system, and employ some of that video conference love I would be impressed.

I have only just come to this negative position after I jailbroke my Ipad and gained many of the IOS 4 benefits. I really thought multitasking was the Holy Grail until I had it on a ten inch screen. It’s only good for listening to background music [for me]. For it to be nice it would have to have a way of allowing multiple windows open at the same time so I could, for example, have Safari and Pages on the same screen.
I think the multitasking could be pretty big if implemented well. I am constantly frustrated by it right now. Last night I started typing an email and couldn't remember the details of something I was writing about. I switched to the web browser to look it up real quick forgetting that I just closed my email. I found my info, but had to start over typing the email. I am frequently in one application and want to switch over to another and then back. Sometimes it does a good job of saving the state and coming right back, but many times it doesn't.

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