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Bluetooth handsfree headset for new iPad


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Mar 16, 2012
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Hi everyone, I'm new here. Please be nice to me! :p

I want to know what headset I should go for if I wanted to place calls via voip on the new ipad. I plan to use Talkatone or Line2 (in the future maybe). I want to know what headsets people have used and what have worked for them or haven't. For example, Line2 says that it can access the mic and headset features on bluetooth for the ipad 2, but it can't pick calls up. But I have searched a lot on Google and though this forum and some say the "ipad" doesn't support HFS 1.5 (these are posts dated late 2011 so I assume they are talking about the ipad 2) but the apple page says the iPad 2 does. I'm getting the iPad 3 which means it most likely should as well. So I am left with conflicting information. Has anyone owned any such headsets and used their ipads as "phones". And can anyone point my to some good looking, not so expensive, examples? Thanks a lot!


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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
^ Thanks but bump, need moar replies!!!11

Hi Spirals-I noticed that you bumped your own thread in about 4 hours from when you posted. Please follow the rules. You are only able to bump one time after 48 hours from when you posted.

I'm sorry that you have not had more response. Hopefully some will come through. Please give some time. Thanks!

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