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Blu-Ray rip to iPad


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Jun 17, 2010
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Does Anyone know a good, reliable & fast software to rip BD in mp4 format? I'm using a pc... :confused:

do a search on the forums for Format Factory, one of the users put up a walk thu on it as well, using it myself now and very pleased with the results
Thx Drak, but I think. if I'm not mistaken, it does support DVDs but not Blu-Ray disk...
I wrote the guide, and to be honest, direct-to-MP4, I can't recommend ANY software that works 100% with all copy protection. To be honest, I buy the DVD for my conscience and steal the Data (legal in Switzerland) and the rotten, ancient movie industry with a business model that doesn't work can kiss my fanny.
Nero Recode would probably work the best, but you have to buy it as part of a suite for about 70 bucks. Something like Handbrake takes way too long in my experience compared to Recode just for a simple 41 minute TV show. Recode usually encodes my TV shows that I put onto my iPad in about half or so the time that Handbrake does.

But of course everyone is just going to recommend what they use the most. :)

I haven't had a single issue with copyright or anything.
You could use AVS Video Converter. There's a Blu-Ray option. But you need AnyDVDHD also.
I used Pavtube - took aaaaaages to rip a 90 minute blu-ray (almost 9 hours), and the file size was 5gb. Eeek. Need to try and reduce the size of that monster lol.
Hello All,

Quick question for you all...Do you need to have a blu-ray player to rip a blu ray disc? I don't have a blue ray player on my laptop, just a DVD player/burner. I've heard conflicting reports...



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