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Apple's Tabet will run iPhone and iPod Touch Apps


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Jan 17, 2010
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This news may finally put Apple's Tablet debate to reset. The NY Times is now reporting the new Tablet will run current iPhone and iPod touch Apps.

It will run all the applications of the iPhone and iPod Touch, have a persistent wireless connection over 3G cellphone networks and Wi-Fi, and will be built with a 10-inch color display, allowing newspapers, magazines and book publishers to deliver their products with an eye to the design that had grabbed readers in print.
This reports coincides with an earlier report from Flurry indicating that 50 "tablet" type devices were detected running iPhone Apps. (http://www.islateforums.net/apple-islate-news/61-apple-tablet-presence-has-been-detected.html)

The latest rumors indicate the Tablet OS will be the iPhone OS v3.2. However I still think a major new life changing product deserves more respect then that, here's to 4.0!

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