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Apple TV


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Dec 23, 2011
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Denver, CO
So good find the other day. I was cleaning out my "junk drawer" in the kitchen and found a pre paid visa card (from my college graduation a year ago I think) and low and behold there was $100 dollars on it. So instead of using that towards something I need (gas, groceries, etc.) I bought an Apple TV. It is pretty cool. While a lot of the things one would use an Apple TV for I can already do on my PS3, but the ability to use airplay and mirroring is fantastic, especially since it is full HD now. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how things like the Apple TV and gaming systems are going to impact cable/satellite companies. I know for me I am down to just basic (as basic as they come) cable package since I can get most shows online or through Netflix. I would think eventually the cable companies will put up a stink about this kind of stuff.

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