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Apple Sets Australian iPad Prices


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Mar 25, 2010
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Gold Coast , Queensland Australia
Apple has set Australian pricing for the iPad Wi-Fi and 3G models, and confirmed that it will go on sale down under on Friday, 28 May.

Wi-Fi only models start off the iPad cavalcade with the 16GB model priced at AU$629, the 32GB version will retail for AU$759 and the 64GB model will sell for AU$879.

Buyers who opt for iPads with 3G mobile internet connectivity will pay more. 3G models are priced at AU$799 for the 16GB, AU$928 for the 32GB and AU$1049 for the 64GB. Carrier details and any potential subsidies have yet to be announced. Prices include GST (Australia)

Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for both iPad models on Monday, 10 May.

This is good news as pricing in Australia is very close to US pricing after sales tax is taken into consideration.

In an interesting and somewhat unexpected move, Apple announced that the iBookstore, which allows iPad owners to purchase electronic books to read on the iPad will be available from launch for Australians. The Bookstore was not expected until later in the year.


Colin Down under Brisbane Australia

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