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Ipad 2 WILL GO ON SALE AUSTRALIA 5pm Friday 25th March local time


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Mar 25, 2010
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Gold Coast , Queensland Australia
APPLE'S new iPad 2 will go on sale in Australia on Friday, starting at $579 for an entry-level WiFi version.

Apple this morning released the Australian pricing for iPad 2.

iPad 2 - WiFi only
16 GB ... $579
32 GB ... $689
64 GB ... $799

iPad 2 - WiFi + 3G
16 GB ... $729
32 GB ... $839
64 GB ... $949

Prices for the iPad 2 are cheaper than the original iPad 1 prices in Australia last year. For the Wi-Fi only iPad, iPad 1 prices last year were $629 for 16GB, $759 (32GB) $879 (64GB), and for WiFi and 3G, iPad 1 prices were $799 (16B) $928 (32GB) and $1049 (64GB)

The iPad2 will go on sale at Australian Apple stores at 5pm in local time zones, and will be available online from 1am.

This is good news as they are the same as USA INC AUSTRALIAN GST TAX 10% due to the dollar exchange being about the same

Most retailers will have stock including The Good Guys. Just so you know most retailers close at 5:30 pm unless in a city or decide to stay open on Friday night....It is strange they picked 5pm FRiday


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Oct 19, 2010
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N.E. Ohio
Interesting, almost the same amount we pay for iPads in America. Wonder if it works out the same on the exchange rate.

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