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Apple micro sim You can use a normal sim.


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May 31, 2010
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Hi guys,

Sorry this landed in the wrong bit of the forum?

I just wanted to share my experience with my new iPad after buying it and then being told i would now have to subscribe to a new data plan as the micro sim is different from a normal sim.

Not happy with this I took my sim carrier out and i took the sim card out of my laptop dingle holding the new carrier over my sim knew what i had to do!

i used side cutters to carefully cut around the sim to the shape ot the micro sim carrier being very careful not to damage the sim. (the actual sim chip is located directly under the sim terminals)

After a few minutes of careful trimming the sim was now fitted snugly in the micro sim tray with its terminals showing through the other side!

I turned on the iPad with excitement and guess what! IT WORKED!!!

So my cheap mobile dingle broadband sim is in my iPad and working

All i had to do to get 3G was change the APN settings to my networks default.

So don't go out and spend money on a new sim and a new data plan specially for iPad - you don't need to!
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Thanks for the tip- not rain on your parade or anything,

I did this weeks and weeks and weeks ago, and it's common knowledge all over the web!

Lol, then what about your old phone? Like can you share the same internet usage between phone and ipad?

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