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Using micro sim in 3G modem


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Mar 7, 2010
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A relative in the US purchased and posted a 16 GB wifi iPad to me a couple of weeks ago. I now regret not getting a 3G version and would like to use the iPad when out and about.
In Australia the telcos have released their prices and our number one carrier Telstra has some reasonable value data pre paid plans. I'm wondering if I can use the micro sim with a adaptor in a 3G modem or do I need to activate the sim in a iPad? Can the telcos detect when the sim card is not being used in a iPad?
If I am able to use the sim in the method described above it would work very well because my iPhone and iPad could be connected to the same wifi and share the same data allowance.
Products which I am considering purchasing are the MiFi and the Netcomm MyZone. Both of the these products are small and have the option of battery operation.

Thanks for your help


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