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Apple is Ahead of the Game in China’s Tablet Market


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Reuters reports today that Apple has managed to snap up more than two-thirds of China’s burgeoning tablet PC market, which grew 62.5% in the third quarter from the same quarter a year ago. Reuters says that the figures, supplied by research company Analysys, show that 2.6 million tablet PCs were sold in China in the third quarter, compared to 1.6 million one year ago. Apple had a 71.4 share of the market, which is pretty impressive, although it does represent a slight drop of 1% from the previous quarter. In second place, but still a very long, long way behind the iPad, the Lenovo Group had 10.5% of the market. A Chinese company, Ereneben, was in third place, with 3.6%, and Samsung was right at the bottom, with 3.5%. Reuters adds that sales of tablets and smartphones are very much on the rise in China due to falling prices, which the Chinese have snapped up in order to be able to access the Internet on the move in what is the largest Internet and mobile market in the world.

Source: China's tablet market grows 63 percent in third quarter; Apple is king | Reuters

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