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animated icons on ipad 2 like droid OS


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Feb 1, 2012
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just picked up my new ipad 2 yesterday and have a quick question.

i really like how i am able to put functional icons on my droid's desktop - for example, a mini facebook screen that shows updates; a mini weather channel screen that has summarized weather info; a ticker with news headlines...all things that are constantly updating themselves. that's why i love my droid so much over the iphone...because i can resize the icons.. if i want to keep them as small normal icons, i can. but if i want to resize them and have them display data, i can also do that.

i know the ipad is unable to do this out of the box, but is there any app or modification i can do to enable it to get this feature? i feel like it's one huge thing that the android OS really does have over apple OS.

what kind of updates can i get in my lock screen or on the notification pull down? i know there are numerous threads on why i should jailbreak, but i'm still trying to figure it out. pretty sure im going to go and do it though.

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