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Amazon France unveils iPad 3 release date?


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May 30, 2011
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San Jose, CA


Could it be that salvation comes from France? Can it be that the cheese loving country is the gate towards finding the answer to the average geek’s most pungent question today? When is the iPad 3 to be released?

Apparently Amazon France posted some upcoming book titles related to the iPad 3. “iPad 3 pour les nuls†is probably a French version of the popular “For dummies†series, that includes over 1600 titles and 200 million printed books. The interesting aspect is that the date for the book launch is also posted on the site. Brace yourselves, it’s March 29.

So, the rumors according to which the next generation iPad will be coming to town in spring could actually be true. Bloomberg and other major tech sites have vastly supported this possibility.
According to those rumors, the iPad 3 is expected to sport a higher-resolution display, a retina display with a faster processor and LTE wireless connectivity.
"Apple is bringing LTE to the iPad before the iPhone, because the tablet has a bigger battery and can better support the power requirements of the newer technologyâ€, the report from Bloomberg read.
Don’t get too excited. Even if Amazon France has made a name for itself in announcing Apple products like this – its predictions haven’t always been correct. Like when they announced the book “iLife ’10 pour les nulsâ€. And we all know that did not happen.

Source: TheRegister

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