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Alice In Wonderland for iPad

This is where the iPad wins

Anyone checked this out yet? looks pretty cool, a unique pop-up style book for the iPad, definitely going to change things and give the kindle even more competition

Atomic Antelope Ltd.| Alice for the iPad

what are your thoughts?

This is where the iPad wins

April 13th, 2010 japa

One of the biggest challenges for the iPad is finding a unique and valuable purpose for the device. Sure, apps and web browsing on the iPad is great, but I also have apps and a browser on my notebook. Videos and music on the iPad are quick to access, and they play flawlessly…just like they do on my iPhone.

So where does the iPad win? eBooks. And not just any eBook – interactive eBooks.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gew68Qj5kxw&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - Alice for the iPad[/ame]

The video above shows what we believe will become a key differentiator for the iPad. This amazing app, called Alice for iPad, transforms what would otherwise be a pretty mundane reading experience into something interactive, compelling and interesting.

This is where the iPad separates itself from the Kindle and other eInk eBook readers. Not only are current eInk eBook readers unable to display color, the time it takes for eInk pages to turn and refresh makes any sort of meaningful interactivity impossible.

Sure, eInk eBook readers reproduce print books very well – eInk text is clear and easy to read. But eBook readers shouldn’t focus on reproducing technology that has been available for ages – it should focus on improving that technology.

The iPad’s rich color screen and 1 GHz processor opens the door for a wide range of highly interactive titles. Imagine how much more informative the ‘…for Dummies’ series of books would be with embedded instructional video. And what if school textbooks had interactive equations that show students how to ‘carry the 1,’ instead of just describing the process in text.

The main challenge here is developing compelling content for the iPad. Interactive eBooks sound cool, but developing this content is likely to be an expensive new experience, particularly for book publishers accustomed to churning out print materials. Even the Alice App isn’t actually an eBook – it’s a $9 app for the iPad.

Still, the value of the iPad will increase dramatically if the device is able to differentiate itself as a uniquely effective learning tool. Once content is developed for the iPad, its possible that the device could replace traditional books in a variety of environments, such as schools, repair shops, law firms – anyplace where large volumes of text are consumed.

And although the $500 16 GB iPad is quite pricey, this is about half as much as I paid for one quarter’s worth of books in college.

All things considered, the $500 price of an iPad seems low, especially if the books in Apple’s iBook store offer improve the learning experience over traditional books.
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The old school folks will be pulled kicking and screaming, the ebooks in general, and the iPad in particular, will change forever what we call ”reading".
News Corp: 'Is iPad a Kindle-killer? Sure.'

The old school folks will be pulled kicking and screaming, the ebooks in general, and the iPad in particular, will change forever what we call ”reading".

News Corp: 'Is iPad a Kindle-killer? Sure.'

by Stuart Dredge


Digital boss Jonathan Miller gives Apple some love at MIPTV

News Corporation's digital boss Jonathan Miller thinks iPad will provide stiff competition for Amazon's Kindle, and could even kill it if Amazon doesn't radically retool its e-book reader.
Miller was interviewed in a keynote session at the MIPTV conference in Cannes today, and was asked directly if he sees iPad as a Kindle-killer.
"My personal belief? Sure," he said, before suggesting that Amazon will need to revamp Kindle to catch up to iPad's colour, touchscreen and video capabilities.
Miller said that News Corp has adopted a policy of "tremendous engagement" when it comes to digital media and mobile entertainment, citing the Wall Street Journal's iPad app as a key example.
He also reaffirmed the company's commitment to paid models for its content.
"Is content expanding faster than advertising can support it? That's just true," he said, before discussing the problem in relation to online TV portal Hulu - which is rumoured to be mulling the launch of a paid app for iPad.
"It has to continue to accelerate its user base, and grapple with this question of free versus paid," he said. "We believe in paid models for highly produced forms of content in general."
Miller also talked about the new distribution environment for News Corp subsidiary Fox's TV and movie content, in relation to Apple's iTunes Store.
He referred to the way Apple's "primary job is to sell devices", which creates "a new tension that we haven't had before" if Apple decides to charge less for content than companies like Fox would like.
Asked if he sees any chance of News Corp taking a slice of iPad hardware revenues, Miller gave a one-word answer: "No."
Finally, Miller was asked about the emerging social location space - apps like Foursquare and Gowalla - and whether this is interesting for News Corp in relation to its MySpace subsidiary, or even to Fox and its newspapers.
"Do I see it as a big deal? Over time, sure. Do I think in the next 18 months it's a revenue stream? No."
Just so people don't get confused, since this was posted in the ibooks forum. It's not an ibook. You don't buy it in the ibooks store. It's a separate app.
My 3 year old son absolutely LOVES the ipad version of Alice in Wonderland. We have to read from it just about every night before bedtime.
i like it as well. but...i do think it should have noises. creaking sound when a door opens....a thump sound when the jar falls down. not in your face, but just subtle sounds to enhance the experiance.

unless its an option and i dont know how to turn it on.
There was an update for this today, now it's more interactive. You can now "flick and drag" the items on the screen instead of tilting it. Feel like flicking candy? Now you can as well as throwing cupcakes and tossing bottles. They did a great job with this.
Ebook or App?

Is this an actual eBook in iBooks or an app for the iPad?

Aaron Eden
I tried the free version and I loved it I am going to buy it so when my nieces come over to stay the night we can read it. They are 3 and 6 years old I think they will love it we looked at magazines on my iPad the other day and they fought over who got to turn the page. It is an app I believe about $8 try the light version it's worth it.
I think iBooks will develop into something like this over time. Videos can be embedded in iBooks now, right?
Alice in Wonderland

This is the most amazing ebook I have ever seen. I notice a lot of animosity on this forum towards the Kindle. I love both. I read tons, and love my Kindle because it is easier on the eyes if you read a lot. However, I only use it for reading. If more books like this come out for the iPad it may become my ebook reader of choice. Once again I love this book. Everyone that has an iPad should own this book.

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