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Nicole Di Laurel

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Jul 10, 2010
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My name is Nicole, and I'm a 21 year old college student residing in Philadelphia. My main reason for joining this site is because my senior thesis (called the ELY at my school) is approaching, and the idea I have for mine is to create an interactive children's book. I guess you can say my aim is similar to that of the Alice and Wonderland application, except I want my story to have more of a "game" feel (example: you can't move onto the next page until you solve the puzzle on the first. The puzzle will be related to the story)

I'm not a programmer or a computer science major. I'm actually an illustration major at an art school, but I believe that the IPad and interactive illustration is the future of commercial art. The problem is I'm use to animating with flash, and having it just, well, work. This is no longer an option, and I'm looking for alternatives.

It could either be Core Animation with Objective C, or an option I have yet to uncover. This is why I joined this community. I look forward into indulging in the expertise this community has to offer.

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