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A look at the first iPad


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Jan 17, 2010
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A look at the first iPad from Fujitsu:



The Fujitsu iPAD is designed to radically change the business of retailing. Fujitsu has packaged all the tools you need with Microsoft's robust and versatile Windows CE .NET operating system create a device that can dramatically boost customer service to drive up profits and drive down costs. And, at 10 ounces, it's one of the lightest-weight handheld device available for retail.

The iPAD goes anywhere - to do virtually anything - including inventory management, credit transactions, price verifications, phone calls, line busting, mobile POS, gift registry and more.

For self-checkout systems, your associates can use the wireless iPAD as your U-Scan Mobile Attendant - one associate can support as many as six U-Scan self-checkout lanes at once, while continuing to serve customers.

Fujitsu's iPAD features a bright, color touch-screen that works both inside the store and in bright sunlight. So it's ideal for parking-lot sales or outdoor inventory control. It houses a powerful Intel processor and can support any 802.11b wireless LAN infrastructure. And with Microsoft's newest, most powerful platform - Windows CE .NET - the iPAD will support both XML and Voice Over IP (VoIP). All this in a slim, ruggedized shell that withstands five-foot drops to concrete. Imagine being able to run your store with one small device that could hang on your belt - you can use iPAD to page or call an employee, review management reports, check other stores for product availability and a host of other functions.

Featured Benefits:

  • Light weight - only about 10 ounces
  • Scanner
  • Magnetic-card reader
  • VoIP phone capability
  • Bright, color touch-screen
Spec Sheet

Want to get the most from your Fujitsi IPad?

Did you know we have a large staff of programmers who can make our products work with any system, including yours?

Did you know we provide total solutions including complete, on-site integration services, as well as custom, semi-custom, and packaged software to lower your operation costs, increase your accuracies and maximize your bottom line?

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