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First Look: Pairing the new 2010 17 inch MacBook Pro with iPad


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
First Look: Pairing the new 2010 17 inch MacBook Pro with iPad
By Daniel Eran Dilger
Published: 03:00 PM EST

Apple's latest revision of its 17" MacBook Pro boasts better performance and a lower price tag. With an iPad companion for working on the go, is it now less important to have a highly portable notebook?

Ever since Apple delivered its first 17" notebook back in 2003, the model has tempted users with a high resolution, dazzling screen that was also significantly more expensive and less mobile than the more mainstream 15" model. Often dubbed the "aircraft carrier" due to its expansive width necessary to accommodate its widescreen display, Apple's high end notebook model has historically served a professional niche that cared more about lots of pixels than weight or cost.

With the 2010 model however, Apple has dropped the base price of the 17" MacBook Pro by $200, despite its getting a significantly faster CPU and GPU. This makes it just $300 more than the similarly equipped 15" model, which has not changed in price relative to its last revision. Externally, the new unibody MacBooks look identical to the previous batch from last summer.

The MacBook Pros ship in a simple box with little more than a power adapter and the usual regulatory papers and Apple stickers. There's also the customary two DVDs for restoring Mac OS X and the included apps.



Mini Me: 17" MacBook Pro and iPad

In addition to the 17" model now being tantalizingly closer in price to the 15" model, there's also a new reason for notebook users to worry less about how much their machine weighs and how big it is: iPad. Having positioned iPad as a new product category between the handheld iPhone and the full powered MacBook line, Apple appears to be working to make the high end MacBook Pro that much more attractive to users on the go with mixed needs.

Pairing the 17" MacBook Pro with an iPad gives you a vast, beautiful desktop experience that can travel between the office and home, while also enabling increased handheld mobility when you're doing things that don't demand the full notebook experience, such as browsing the web from the couch or watching movies while commuting or flying across country.

The two machines sport very similar lines, with the same glossy screens, the same minimalist aluminum bodies, and the same rounded off edges to their rigid unibody designs milled from blocks of metal. They look like they belong together.



Long two page article continues at this link...AppleInsider | First Look: Pairing the new 2010 17 inch MacBook Pro with iPad

oh man, I'd love to have a setup like this!

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