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  • We're almost done with the additional set pieces (they fell off the table and had to be rebuilt a little). I'll share some pictures once it's done. When I complete the video, I'll post it on YouTube and put the link on the forum. Glad you're interested!
    Hi TPoet,
    Just wanted to say "hi". I have missed you by marathon sleeping! Although I dream about being on the forum while I'm asleep! :). Take care, Diane
    The picture is quite old, at least 10 years. I made it while goofing around with PhotoBooth on the iMac. Sometimes you get lucky. My avatar is about half that old, and somewhat more deliberately made, also using PhotoBooth. I suppose I should update them both sometime.

    I already considered you a friend of both myself and the forum. I don't pay much attention to the forum's friend feature. It doesn't make any difference in how I use the forum and I doubt most people even know it's there; but I'm always happy to acknowledge a friendship when asked.

    Take care,
    I was surprised by your picture when I visited your profile to ask for your friendship (and I'm very happy that you accepted my request). I like your avatar; this picture is better. An interesting way to show your face without showing it! :)
    Hi, squib here. Just wondering what kind of ups you use for your iPad? Will a really good power bar be enough? We have terrible surges and brown outs here and I bet because I haven't used any protection there has been some damage, to what extent I don't know. Thanks for all of your wisdom and help.
    Just testing,

    I'm trying to send this message to each of my friends. Can I send it to everyone as a group?

    OK, have you looked at the Family History thread? I posted, with test images, about an app which converts the iPad into a portable scanner. Each of you should find this of interest.

    i cannot find the facility to send the post to friends simultaneously. There isn't an obvious cc or group cc link! :(
    I feel for your embarrassment. I probably had as many misconceptions as you, but was fortunate enough to never air them in public, well, not the worst of them. I knew more words that I could pronounce, and that got me some amused looks clear into my early twenties. Is it my fault that I'd never actually heard anyone use the word genre before? It was common enough in the books I read. :)
    No, but seriously. I thought marshmallows grew on trees until I was 13. No lie. It was the fault of a skit I saw on either Sesame Street or The Electric Company about a marshmallow farm as a wee lad and the misinformation never got corrected because my mom never bought us marshmallows. I'm at my across-the-street neighbor's birthday party and her mom puts out marshmallows as one of the party favors. I, insufferable nerd that I am, open my mouth and say something to the tune of, "Funny that you can't tell which part was connected to the stem like on an apple or orange." Yeah, you can imagine the ribbing I got for the rest of that party. :eek:
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