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  • Oh my gosh, I could go on for days about my love for this PB360! :D

    If I remember correctly, if I read for 6-8 hours a day (and yes, I have!), I can get about 4-5 days out of it without having to re-charge.

    TBH, since I always have a wall socket handy, I don't pay much attention; it'll charge easily and quickly from a PC's USB port - so it's easy to just plug it in whilst I'm on the PC. Or, I'll plug it in for overnight. It completely re-charges in about 4 hours.

    I am extremely prejudiced here, but I don't believe you can go wrong with the PB360. Yeah, it's a 5-inch screen, but with it being Linux-based, it's very tweakable. My favorite feature is its size (fits in a handy pocket - trousers or coat), it's very light and that cover IS part of it, so no extra bulk to protect the screen.

    Take a gander at the Pocketbook forum over there on MobileRead. You'll see people talking about it, if you want more details.

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