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  1. twerppoet

    Deleting Apps in 14.8

    Is it a specific app, or all apps? On rare occations apps have been known to turn into ghosts, neither deletable or usable. The icon just refuses to go away. It can take a full update or restoring the device to get rid of it; though they have been known to remove themselves on occation. It...
  2. twerppoet

    Deleting Apps in 14.8

    If your iPad is subject to controls (if applicable), or by a profile (can be done by schools or business owned/admistrated iPads) the ability to delete apps may be disdabled. Some native apps can not be deleted. However, if you enter jiggle mode the other, deletable, apps should show an X.
  3. twerppoet

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    Lots of things charged/powered on that table. iPad Pro, iPad Mini, two Android tablets, Raspberry Pi with 5” screen, and two hand held radios.
  4. twerppoet

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    I may have gotten a little carried away making the mini match the pro. . . and maybe I should clean the keyboard, and wipe the table, and dust, and. . . but it was more fun playing around with the home screens.
  5. twerppoet

    notes is missing camera, table tool…

    Are you perhaps using the Notes app with another account like Google or HotMail? It’s possible not all features of the Notes app will work if you are not either keeping your notes local, or syncing them with an iCloud account. That’s just a guess. The screenshot looks like an older version of...
  6. twerppoet

    Ipad battery dies quickly since14.8 update

    No problem. Please let us know if it works out, or not.
  7. twerppoet

    Keyboard limitations. Why

    This is probably what you didn't remember. Place two fingers on the touch keyboard and use it like a track pad to move the cursor. Careful. If you hold them still for too long it changes into a selection mode instead of just moving the cursor. There are a couple other ways, but this is easiest...
  8. twerppoet

    Ipad battery dies quickly since14.8 update

    Give it a couple days. After a major update there are often a lot of background tasks going on; rebuilding databases, downloading apps and data, etc. Make sure you restart it (power off). If it's still a problem after a couple days, you may have battery issues. You can also check the Settings >...
  9. twerppoet

    Volume control

    Apps almost always change the system volume, but websites often have their own volume controls. Those affect the volume before it gets fed to the iPad, affecting the maximum loudness. Think of it this way, if the singer is whispering into the microphone, there is only so much the amplifier can...
  10. twerppoet

    ipad mini 6

    I have to admit, I’m tempted. If I didn’t already have the mini 5 it would be a sure buy.
  11. twerppoet

    Problem With Safari

    I am not completely sure what is happening, but maybe this will help. Tapping on a word, or series of continuous characters will either select the word, or place the cursor at the beginning or end of the word. There are a couple of ways to place your cursor manually. Tap and hols in the edit...
  12. twerppoet

    ITunes Sync

    Sounds like a sync glitch. It does sometimes a take a while for everything on a newly configured iPad (or iPhone) to get in sync, but as long as you’ve been waiting that seems unlikely. Try restarting the iPad, if you have not done so lately. Give it a couple days on wi-fi and see if things...
  13. twerppoet

    ITunes Sync

    You should see it under Settings > Music. Or when you do the search, as you described, tapping on Optimize Storage should take you straight to the setting. That said, some settings are dependent on other settings or accounts. They will not appear as options if they can not be used. For Optimize...
  14. twerppoet

    ITunes Sync

    The little down arrow means the song is currently downloaded, stored on your device. There used to be a cloud icon, for when music was not local. Now it seems the arrow indicates the opposite. At leas on iOS and iPadOS. PC iTunes may still use the cloud. I don’t know. Compare Settings > Music...
  15. twerppoet

    Battery Widget and Bluetooth

    No problem.