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  • Wow, nice new avatar! How's your book going, reviews etc. I've missed you! Hope to hear from you soon.- are you active on the forum? Or are you too famous now! Book tours, signings, readings, stuff like that taking up all of your time?
    I do love your new avatar, like a new day, you are rising from the other side and beginning to shine down on us again! Squib/diane
    Just a compilation of video I'd taken. The only one that remains and is somewhat movie like is footage of three boats I saw while underway on the USCGC Healy: a BC Pilot boat, a tug, and one of the Healy's ridged hull small boats. The footage is low quality, and the YouTube video (being older than YouTube's high quality days) is even worse. Though, I was kind of proud of it at the time. :)
    A couple. Nothing fancy, and certainly nothing as difficult as a stop motion animation.
    You are welcome, Samana. I look forward to seeing the completed project someday, if you choose to share it here.
    In no way have you offended me. Please do not worry on that score. It is just that I like to know to whom I am talking to. I am a very private person and as I do not know you as such, I am just being careful. I have spoken with J. A. And she speaks well of you. Thank you for your contact and messages. I wish you well.
    Thank you. I found it years ago and it reminded me of how I learned about electricity. ;-)

    Yours is quite unique, as well. I apologize for the delayed reply. Blessings,
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