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Recent content by Metairieman55

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    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

    Finally, Pictures! Picasa Web Albums - LL - Ipad Couch Po... Picasa Web Albums - LL - Ipad Couch Po... Sorry, but I couldn't figure out how to get the pics to show, so here's the link. Apart from the boom stand (around $20-30 at your local music store) it was another $20 tops for the board...
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    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

    My Version I don't have all the neat tools but I did have a boom mic stand sitting around and a non-used ball-joint type speaker mount so I love challenges! I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found a synthetic cutting board that fit the short dimension perfectly and there were two handles on...
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    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

    Nice The pictures seal the deal. Nice job. The mic stand to bracket was stumping me.
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    Finally - DIY guitar input cord

    Yepp! I have to agree.:o Why waste your time? Use a real computer to make beautiful music with Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, etc. Seriously, I appreciate ingenuity and could consider the possibilities of the Ipad as a sketchpad if you're momentarily out of reach and need to jot down that...
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    Case with Notepad

    Found one I ran across one at Office Depot made by Foray for $34.95 with retractable handles. Leatherette with large inner pocket(s) that Ipad will use as well as 8.5X11 notepad, calculator, credit card holders, pen holders, you know, a portfolio style case. No shoulder strap. But much more...
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    How many iPad bags do you have?

    Office Depot I found a decent leather-like portfolio briefcase with multiple pockets, an 8.5X11 pad, calculator, zippered with two full outer pockets and retractable handles made by Foray (I think an Office Depot brand where I found it) for $34.95. Easier to carry than all those neoprene or...
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    Can the iPad dock serve as PC keyboard?

    Confused Mike, my kbd/dock is recognized by my PC. Normally, a USB port sensing will happen when plugged in. Try opening your ITunes on the PC first to see if that senses it. Is your pad correctly seated on the connector? Try another USB port. Or you may need to invest in a powered USB hub.
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    KickBack Stands?

    Tacky but clever Not a bad DIY idea!
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    iPad Newb here from NC

    Oh, be careful of apps designed for other than Ipad. They will work but most I downloaded work in their native size not Ipad size. They work but size is everything to me . . . ;)
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    [How To] Sync photos to your iPad with iTunes

    Excellent! I discovered Private Media Folders HD (paid app) which allows creation of internal folders within it. So once I've studied you post a little more (very well done, too) I'll relegate PMFHD solely for the "for my eyes only" collections if you get my drift . . .
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    iPad Newb here from NC

    My Apps I have a Windows Home Server and a regular computer, so I'm using Ipad 32 Wifi for travel or reclining in bed :o while the Clydesdales pull my wagon on games, multimedia and general computing. So I'll comment on the useful things I use strictly for the pad. Most are free in the App...
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    Just got my iPad. Have a few questions!

    FB I've been using the free Friendly-Facebook Browser (App Store). It works pretty well.
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    How to move photos on iPad?

    Private Media Folders HD I had a similar need wanting to create folders for collections and after hours of searching, the only way I could come up with was the paid app above. It's cheap enough for me anyway. It's designed to lock out prying eyes but it does allow you to internally create...
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    Screen protector- necessary?

    Apply carefully I have the Zagg also. They really do not give you enough liquid. Does anyone have an idea of its composition? In fact the first attempt failed because the sprayer was faulty or didn't have enough to spray. Accidentally laid the film down on the white cardboard instead of the...
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    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

    Wonderful Very creative thinking! My laptop was just stolen (always struggled finding a cheap system similar that would support its 10lbs.) and since I've ported over to the Ipad, you have helped me greatly.