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    Can't downgrade from 5.1.1 to ANYthing else. iPad 1

    Thanks, f4780. I've done it that way also time and again. It's an iPad 1 3G and I'm using Windows 7 64-bit if that makes a difference. This is driving me crazy. I've done this whole downgrading thing hundreds of times and I don't know why it's messing up. Should I still be able to downgrade to...
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    Can't downgrade from 5.1.1 to ANYthing else. iPad 1

    I've got an iPad 1 that I've had jailbroken for 2 yrs. I've had pretty much every ios on it, upgraded, downgraded, Cydia has all my shsh, everything. Yet a few days ago I installed 5.1.1 (from 4.3.5) and while Cydia *has* my shsh for 4.3.5 I can't for the LIFE of me get downgraded to anything...
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    WiFi dropping out after 4.3 upgrade

    Billee, I had the same problem with 4.2. When it didn't get better on 4.3 I scurried back to 3.2.1 and this is where I'm staying until everyone consistently has NO wifi problems. I had 4.2.1 the past month or so and was really hoping 4.3 would work and not drop the wifi like 4.2.1. No such luck...
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    Cydia packages/apps compatible for iPad!

    I can't for the life of me get circuitous working in 4.2. Anyone else having this problem? I even went so far as to restore & re-jailbreak and ONLY install circuitous and it still crashes. If I take all favorites off, the blank dock will work but that's hardly useful. I'm debating on going back...
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    YES! Solution to downgrade iOS 4.3b3 to 4.2.1

    Yes, works great! This is going to help a lot of people.
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    Ipad and viruses

    It's one of those fake virus sites that try to get you to download their software. Google is your friend :-) Google it.
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    issues with 2GB of usuage

    1 Netflix movie is generally just under 1 gb (same as downloading that movie). So a couple movies and you've used up 2 gb.
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    How to undo the jailbreak

    Are you sure you're not trying too install 4.3 beta without your UDID registered? That's what it sounds like to me as that's the only time I got that specific error code. I updated to 4.3 fine (after registering my UDID) but it won't allow me to downgrade to 4.2.1 even though I have blobs saved...
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    Cydia app for YouTube capture?

    Ok, Bamfsig, I went to the directions and I do remember trying that also. It tells me the file can't be written. I'm sure I could go through wifi, edit the file and replace it in iFile. But that seems like such a pain and I'm not by my main computer right now to do it. Thanks for trying to help...
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    Cydia app for YouTube capture?

    Thanks, Bamfsig. I'll try that as soon as I leave here! Dr Gee, I just used iFile (Cydia app) and navigated to the files, they're at: var/mobile/applications/TagDiskHD/Documents/files Assuming you use iFile make sure (in iFile settings) that 'application names' is toggled to ON. Otherwise...
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    Cydia app for YouTube capture?

    YourTubeHD in Cydia doesn't work with 4.2. I was hoping they'd have it fixed by now but no go so it was a wasted $5 for me. It keeps asking for some gs.wildcat file (and no, you can't set Cydia to 'developer' and download the file from there). TagDiskHD really downloads YouTube videos so you can...
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    Dropping WiFi

    Problems with wifi dropping here on 4.2 also. I normally never installed SBSettings but the wifi-dropping got so bad I installed SBSettings just to have fast access to turn wifi off then back on to get the signal back. No problems on 3.2x but I did have problems with all the 4.2 betas and now...
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    Downgrade and JB possible? Or JB later?

    Now that Activator & Infinidock are working on 4.2 I finally went ahead and jail broke with the tethered jailbreak. I've been holding out on 3.2.1 all this time. A couple Cydia apps required me to reboot but most only need a respring, resprings don't require you be tethered to your computer. I...
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    KILLED Ipad

    The only people who have trouble are the ones that jump into it without knowing what they're doing. If you have to come to a forum asking how to 'fix' it, then you jumped into it without knowing what you were doing ahead of time. My iPad is my very 1st Apple device EVER (I'm 50). Yet I've not...
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    Why am I so angry?

    LOL! I bet he's the same "DannyBoy85" who wiped the floor with me playing SpellStacker on the iPad, too! I recognize the name ;-) I love that game, by the way. And this IS the friendliest forum. I'm on 5 so I can throw in my 2 cents.