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Recent content by beesknees

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    Log off

    Don't let them fool you. Once you login there is no escape. I tried sending morse code messages to my friends and family through eye blinking but after several months I have given up hope.
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    Looking for an iPad friendly security camera

    My requirements are as follows: 1. Night vision 2. Compatible with outdoor enclosure 3. Wireless 4. Password to view 5. Viewable on computers and ipad 6. Normal security camera options like recording, snapshots per time interval, motion alert, etc. I have a buget of about $500. I'd prefer to...
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    What is the least sophisticated thing you use your iPad for?

    The point of the thread was to be funny and laugh at ourselves but I never dreamt it would have been this funny.
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    Netflix quality

    The OP didn't mention using a VPN and doing so will definititely make things worse not better. The only reason a person would use a VPN is to get content that is unavailable to their area.
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    Netflix quality

    I am not trying to be contrary but I have seen at least a couple of hundred people try to suggest that a specific player was malfuntioning because the quality was great on another platform told that is meaningless. On wired connections the answer is almost always DNS optimization. On wireless...
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    Netflix quality

    What you read is incorrect. I participate on a number of streaming devices message boards and the first thing the engineers tell someone that is getting mixed results on quality is that different devices can pull from different streams. Optimizing the DNS usullay fixes it. I also have...
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    Netflix quality

    There are many devices that stream NF content. Using one to diagnose another is not diagnostically sound because they may not be streaming from the same CDN. I have helped many people overcome streaming problems and optimizing the DNS covers most of them if they have sufficient bandwidth.
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    Trouble with app updates

    Try again tomorrow.
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    Lack of response.

    Sometimes I write my posts with invisible ink.
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    What is the least sophisticated thing you use your iPad for?

    This is just a dumb Friday thread. We all know how powerful these devices are so what dumb little app do you use that flies in the face of this powerful tablet? I regularly use mine as a kitchen timer.
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    That does not have to be the case. Turn on airplay and set brightness to 100 percent and the battery does deplete faster than it charges even if plugged into the wall.
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    Netflix quality

    It is a fallousy to compare Netflix quality from different devices because they may not be both pulling from the same netflix server. I am not sure about the iPad nf app but most now use adaptive streaming. Unfortunately in their infinite wisdom they start at the poorest quality and can take...
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    Is this bad for the battery?

    Right, because everything always acts in the manner it was designed. There are no absolutes when it comes to manmade devices.
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    Is this bad for the battery?

    It may be out of date but I replaced a swollen LI battery this year and Apple can release software with bugs. I prefer to not use it on the cord fully charged and we can leave it at that.