Traveling to Germany with iPad 2 (WiFi/3G - AT&T)

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    Traveling to Germany and surrounding countries (Czech, Hungary, Austria) next month with my US iPad 2 (WiFi/3G - AT&T). I want to use it for travel maps and making hotel reservations. I plan on taking full advantage of WIFI but also want to be able to use the 3G while driving and walking around cities. After much internet research I believe I just need to go to a cellular provider in Germany and buy a prepaid micro sim card. Has anyone done this recently? Anyone have any tips as to which provider to use. I have read about O2 and Vodafone, and something called a Fonic Surf Card. Can I just buy the card and stick it in my iPad and go or do I have to mess with settings? Not sure if it matters but the 3G has not yet been activated (read where it might have to be) in the U.S. Got it about a month ago refurbished.

    I pretty much have no idea about any of this stuff so any help I could get would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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