Thoughts of upgrading to Air 2 128GB from 4th Gen 128GB

Discussion in 'iPad Air 2 Forum' started by MorrisTheCat, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Ok, I've made a search but have not found many comments. For over a good year now I use a 4th Gen as an electronics repair tech with all the service manuals and tech data I need at my finger tips. I constantly find the unit is HEAVY lump after a few hours and should I put it down someplace its mass can too easily push something off my crowded workbench!

    My thought is to move to an Air 2 which is sure lighter but I'd love to hear about increase screen display updates say during .pdf manipulation of pinch/zoom etc thanks to the A8x CPU... Has anyone upgraded from the big screen 4th Gen to the smaller 9.7" screen and was it a big deal with a smaller screen?

    I am of course aware of the "Larger Screen" iPad (on hold I hear) which would be absolutely brilliant for viewing wiring diagrams. However I think of same issue of typical busy repair bench and finding a safe space to park it for a minute as I do a test etc without having the same problems I currently have with the 4th Gen.... That's the biggest thing I like with the Air 2, it's low mass and compactness...

    Any input appreciated folks.... :)
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    The iPad Air 2 has the same size screen as all previous iPads, 9.7 inches. The bezel is a bit smaller, making for a slightly smaller device, but the screen is the same.

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