This is How a 24K Gold-plated iPad Air 2 Looks Like

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    If you think the gold-colored iPad Air 2 looks exotic, then what about an iPad Air 2 decked out in 24K gold? Vietnam-based jewelers from the Karalux company are now offering Cupertino’s flagship tablet in 24K gold. And its price isn't as high as some of you might have expected, but that's probably because there are now diamonds glued to the tablet.

    For around $1,173, you can get a 16GB model, which is more expensive by $674 than the original device bought straight from the Apple store. A 64GB version of the tablet draped in real gold costs about $1315. If you choose to buy one of these gold iPads, you will also get a gold-plated tie pin or a Zippo lighter with the same finish.

    Customers can also order an iPad mini 3 with 24K gold finish. Karalux also unveiled a BlackBerry Passport that has received the same gold treatment. This company doesn't specialize just in customizing phones and tablets, but also in gold-plating supercars.

    So, what do you think about this gold-plated iPad?

    Source: Karalux

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