Goldgenie Will Bling Out Your iPad Air in Gold Plating for $1,800 USD and Up

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    Did you get one of those snazzy new gold colored iPhones, but are now disappointed that your new iPad Air doesn't match? Do you have more disposable income than you know what to do with? If you can answer both of these questions in the affirmative, then Goldgenie might have the solution you are looking for. Apparently, Goldgenie will take your brand new iPad Air and give it a gold-plated treatment. The price ranges between £1386/$1871 for the 16GB and £1825/$2463 for the 128GB, (as if the larger internal storage capacity somehow mystically requires more gold for the process).

    If you want the same treatment for your iPad Mini Retina Display, they have you covered too. The prices for that range from £1377/$1858 for the 16GB to £1777/$2498 for the 128GB. Wait! That's not all. Indeed, Goldgenie will even offer the same treatment for your iPhone, Blackberry or HTC device, with varying prices. On top of this, if Gold isn't your favorite precious metal, you can also choose rose gold or even platinum!

    Finally, if all of this amazing "bling" is simply not enough for you, and you have more money than a small country, you can even order a solid gold iPhone. Don't worry! It will only set you back $109,000 USD. ;)

    We just thought we'd share this for the sheer shock value. Apparently there is a market for just about anything, and there are people in the world with more money than sense...

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