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Discussion in 'iPad Development' started by CdRsKuLL, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Jun 17, 2011
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    I think it would be a great idea for all developers to use standard folders.. Afew apps I've downloaded each use different folders so say I'm using goodplayer but want to use something like FTP to send something over I can't. Is there any reason why standard folders can't be used ?

    for example a /docs folder should be in the root and from there have folders like...

    music, video, pictures, books each developer would then only need to point to the docs root.

    This would then make apps compatible with others.

    Just my thoughts.. would be good to start a campaign going.


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    Jan 3, 2011
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    I'm afraid this is technically impossible because the iPad's operating system, iOS, will not allow it....

    Apple did this to provide an absolute protection against computer viruses...

    Apple took the decision to 'sandbox' the programs (apps) in the iPad. This means that apps have only a very limited ability to interact - and this interaction is *absolutely* controlled by the operating system (iOS). So if you tried to write a 'virus' program for the iPad it would have no effect, because it couldn't interact with any other program or the operating system.

    That, inevitably, has other consequences and places restrictions on what programs can do. In Windows, for example, applications (programs) can interact and this can be very useful. So some (clever) programmers found a way to 'jail break' the iPad and remove this restriction (effectively 'jailbreaking' means your iPad can 'run' non-Apple approved apps from the Cydia website, where they make such non-approved apps available). They can now run 'unauthorised' apps on the iPad that 'take advantage' of the removal of this restriction. The downside - technically a 'jail broken' iPad could be vunerable to viruses.

    But don't worry - a 'regular' (non jail broken) iPad is not vunerable to any 'viruses' that a deviant programmer might write to 'infect' a jail broken iPad. So your IT manager need have no worries - if your iPads are not 'jailbroken' they are absolutely safe from viruses.

    Basically, if you accept the restrictions that Apple place on your iPad and don't jail break, you're completely safe - a virus cannot 'infect' you.

    Additionally, any 'app' that a normal (non-jail broken) iPad can download will have been thoroughly checked and approved by Apple, so could not contain any malevolent code...

    OK - I'll get 'hacked' by the iPad 'jail breakers' - sorry for the 'pun' but, basically, you're safe.

    Apple have a number of 'white papers' and other documents on their web site that address this issue if you'd like the links...


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