Some iPad 2 Users are Reporting Problems with FaceTime Freezing

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    AppleInsider reports today that some iPad 2 users are complaining that their iPad 2 is freezing during video chats on FaceTime, forcing them to restart their iPad in order to resume their chat. AppleInsider points to a thread on Apple’s support forums where users describe how the picture from the front-facing camera on the iPad 2 crashes.

    For many users posting about the problem, the freeze has been corrected simply by re-starting their iPad 2, but others have had to perform a software restore. One user said that FaceTime freezes two or three times more after an initial restart. Another user posted that a Verizon store manager in New York City had told them that the FaceTime freezing issue has been happening with “a lot†of the demo units that customers can play with in the store. Maybe this is something that Apple will be looking to fix in the rumoured iOS 4.3.1 update?

    Source: AppleInsider | Users report freezing issues with FaceTime on Apple's iPad 2

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