iOS 4.3.2 Will Fix Verizon iPad 2 Connection Problems and FaceTime Glitch

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    Boy Genius Report posts today that it has managed to get some hands-on time with the soon-to-be-released iOS 4.3.2, and says that the update will, among other things, repair several high-profile glitches and problems with certain iOS devices that have been widely reported since the release of iOS 4.3.1 several weeks back. Most notable of these are the connection issues that Verizon iPad 2 owners have been experiencing, and the FaceTime glitch that some had said was fake, but which evidently was not, whereby pictures that users had not taken themselves kept showing up in FaceTime. According to Boy Genius Report, the update will also contain security fixes for WebKit vulnerabilities, as well as other minor fixes. There’s no mention about the battery drain issue that some have reported since downloading iOS 4.3.1 being addressed, although that doesn’t mean it’s not included. Still no word as to when iOS 4.3.2 will be released, buut Boy Genius Report says we can expect it “within the next week or so.â€

    Source: Apple iOS 4.3.2 to fix Verizon iPad 2 connectivity and FaceTime issues, we go hands-on! | BGR

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