SlideShark claims to be the answer to the salesmen who need PowerPoint presentation o

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    As it is largely known that the Microsoft extensions don’t work with iPads so many have tried to find ways around this inconvenient. Converting the slides to JPGs is an option only for those who don’t use animations or detailed moving graphics, but useless to most PowerPoint users. Transforming the file into a video is also a bad idea because you would need to pause and play it all the time and that makes it a bad feature for when you have interactive presentations or when you need to talk a lot.

    Even converting in similar file extensions from other office-type suits will most likely make you lose a lot of information. SlideShark claims it displays PowerPoint files better than its competitors. So, unlike a previous BrainShark product that converted presentations into videos, the new app will ensure that animated, medium graphically-rich presentations are displayed as well as possible. By solving this problem, BrainShark helps salespeople use the iPad for interactive presentations and therefore increase sales of some enterprises.

    According to David Klein, mobile product director at BrainShark, future versions of the app will support Android tablets as well and include more analytic tools for marketing and lead generation purposes. However, he added that there are plans to turn SlideShark into a full slide shows creator and/or editor.

    Source: ZDNet

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