Skyfire "sells out" In a Matter of Hours

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Nov 4, 2010.

By Maura on Nov 4, 2010 at 6:10 AM
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    Skyfire, the Internet browser app that enables you to watch Flash videos on your iPhone and iPad, was launched early last night and caused a sensation. Aside from being a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, once Skyfire hit the App Store, it quickly rose to the top of the paid app charts. However, later in the evening, Skyfire suddenly disappeared from the App Store, and a quick visit to the official Skyfire website revealed that the app was "sold out". Of course, an app can't actually sell out like goods in a real store can, but the message on the site explained that the app had proved to be so wildly popular that people using it to watch Flash videos had crashed the servers. Therefore the app has been temporarily withdrawn from sale until the server issue can be repaired, and the company can be sure that it can handle so many users without crashing again. And of course what the overwhelming demand for Skyfire also shows is how much people want to watch Flash videos on their iPads and iPhones, and how Apple really should have sorted it out itself by now.

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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Nov 4, 2010.

    1. MrLee
      Reviews Not Good

      Went to buy it (it was still available) but after reading the poor reviews, I've held off....
    2. Hasty
      "Apple really should have sorted it out itself by now".

      Tsk tsk Maura, don't reopen the dead flash wars again, but check the recent reviews of the new MacBook Airs.
      Several sites have commented how battery life is seriously reduced using a lot of flash animations. I for one believe they made the right decision.....
    3. HarlyFan
      Bring It Back, QUICK!!!
    4. skatealex2

      Not that it is the biggest deal but I think if anything they should give you the option to turn flash on or off.
    5. Tinman
      I honestly don't see all the hoopla over this app.

      I got it while it was still available and am very unimpressed. Not because servers were/are hammered... the app itself seems clunky and prone to crash. Doesn't feel "responsive" and the only thing I cared about was the occasional facebook video that I cannot play on iPhone or iPad. Well this app doesn't seem to play it either. So for me it was a fail.

    6. Tinman
      Oh yea I also am not happy that my facebook login info was sent out to skyfire's servers. Someone who accessed a google site via skywire was notified by gmail that there account was logged in from New York, presumably the location of skyfire's servers.

      The fact that the servers crashed does not make me any more comfortable. lol
    7. HarlyFan

      Good to know, disappointed to hear!!!
    8. Tinman
      I just gave it another try and it still wouldn't play what I wanted. I could search for something using it's little search for flash video feature but I was hoping I could use it for anything that I needed to try.

      Hate to be a debbie downer but my latest peeve is it has no forward button when browsing. Hit back by mistake? Too bad, you are stuck there! lol

    9. alnlui
      I can't find it at apple store. Where can I download? Thanks.

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