Skyfire App Will Soon Be Bringing Flash to Your iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 17, 2010.

By Maura on Dec 17, 2010 at 5:37 PM
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    Skyfire has been showing off its new iPad App via a YouTube demonstration video, according to a report today on As with the iPhone version of Skyfire, Skyfire for iPad works by launching a browser that converts any Flash videos you want to watch into HTML5, and then plays them back in a separate video. PCMag says that aside from having this all-important ability, the iPad version of Skyfire will also have various social networking features, with a menu bar at the bottom of the screen including links to Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader so that you can interact with them while still in the app. A “Fireplace†option will also be included enabling you to see all the links that your Facebook friends have shared from within the app.

    It all sounds very impressive, especially the viewing Flash videos part, but Skyfire's iPhone app got off to a rocky start when its servers couldn’t handle the amount of users and it was removed from the app store, although it’s back up and running now. Hopefully they’ve fixed all those bandwidth problems in time for the iPad app release. There’s no official launch date for the app as yet, and no idea about pricing either, but points out that the iPhone version costs $2.99, so we can probably expect to pay a little more for the iPad app.

    Source: Skyfire Shows Off iPad App with Flash, Facebook Features | News & Opinion |


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 17, 2010.

    1. Gunny008
      Looks like a potential mian browser!
    2. Gunny008
    3. Yakuzagang5
      Thats why they created the edit button for posts, so it doesnt take two to fix a mistake lol
    4. Biggysmallz
      Why didn't Skyfire just release the app and done. This is all just a strategy to get people to join add them on Twitter and Facebook.
      How desperate can we get?
    5. Mixz1
      Yet another function that should be part of the OS's native browser, but instead you have to pay for, as with printing and network access. It's very curious to me how the iPad community justs rolls over on this.
    6. Superbike81
      You can't edit your post in this sub-forum.
    7. Gunny008
      Yeah :'(
    8. SweetPoison

      That's right.;)
    9. thesoundsmith
      Like we have a choice? Stevie is a Republican. There is no arguing, they are deaf. If you don't like it, sell your iPad and buy a something-else-that DOES support what the iPad should. Then report back to us and say "THE devicename IS WAY BETTER..." so we can all migrate to a non-Steve environment.

      I bought mine as a toaster, not a true PDA/computing/web browsing device. Makes the disappointments easier to live with. But I will NOT convert 57 Flash videos on my music website to HTML5 just to please the God of Anality unless he gives me a free, zero-generation-loss conversion app...

      You may find relief in a few years when they finish integrating the two OSes so the Apple desktop is an extension of the iPhone/iPad and vice versa. But don't hold your breath...

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