San Diego School District Orders 26,000 iPads

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    AppleInsider reports that the San Diego Unified School District has just ordered 26,000 iPads that it intends to supply to students this fall, which will be the biggest program of its kind in the country. The district has handed over $15 million for the iPads, which will be distributed in 340 classrooms at the start of the new school term, San Diego’s 10 News reports. The program is being funded by a voter-approved program called “Proposition S†which is designed to fund the use of new technology in the classroom. AppleInsider writes that the iPads being used in the project are iPad 2s, which should have cost $400, although Apple has given the school a $30 education discount for each iPad 2 purchased, which adds up to quite a big saving! No word as yet as to what apps the schools will be using, but AppleInsider notes that the iPad 2s will be used specifically by 5th and 8th-grade pupils, and some high school students.

    Source: San Diego school district buys 26K iPads for students

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