New York School District Switches Over to iPads for 75% of its Curriculum

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    AppleInsider reports on how the Mineola, NY, school district has equipped all students in grades three to 9 with iPads.

    The Mineola Union Free School District is already in the fifth year of the initiative, but Gail Robinson of The Hechinger Report has recently drawn attention to the program after spending a day with 24 third-graders from Jackson Avenue School.

    There is still one teacher for each classroom, but each student is given their own iPad. In the class of teacher Morgan Mercaldi, the students use their iPads “constantly.”

    For example, while reports are still written on physical paper, an app called Edmodo was used during a math lesson that let the students communicate with the teacher and show her their answers.

    AppleInsider says that Apple is rumoured to be working on big changes to its iPad in Education program, in a bid to remove some of the problems that currently prevent schools from using iPads in the classroom. For example, it is thought that Apple is looking to give schools permission to distribute apps without needing to have Apple IDs for each iPad.


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