LA Schools iPad Program Suspended Amid Talk of Close Ties With Apple

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    AppleInsider reports that the LA Unified School District’s widely publicised iPad-in-schools program, which has been running for over a year, has been suspended following accusations that some of the district’s top employees were too closely aligned with Apple.

    The initial report in The Los Angeles Times said that accusations had been levelled at the district that the bidding process for the program was set up to benefit Apple and Pearson, who won the contract.

    Further, the district’s superintendant, John Deasy, and Deputy Superintendent, Jaime Aquino, were said to have been in regular contact with employees of both Apple and Pearson, leading to accusations of a conflict of interest.

    Yesterday, Deasy sent a memo to the L.A. Board of Education, which said that the district would no longer be using its contract with Apple, partly to “take advantage of an ever-changing marketplace and technology advances,” but also to have “time to take into account concerns raised.”


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