Apple to Re-bid on Axed $1 billion LA School District iPad Contract

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    Following on from yesterday’s news that the Los Angeles Unified School District had cancelled its iPad program, AppleInsider reports today that Apple still has a chance to re-bid for the $1 billion contract.

    The Wall Street Journal says that both Pearson and Apple will be able to have another shot at winning the contract they just lost.

    The project has been beset with problems, it would seem, going over budget, and, as we learned yesterday, also attracting accusations that some of the School District top brass were too closely involved with people at Apple and Pearson.

    It is not known how long this new re-bidding process will last. The Los Angeles School District has already spent around $61 million on tablets and laptops for 40 or so of its schools, representing 4% of the district.

    Elsewhere, iPads are still very much in demand at education facilities, as Radu reported earlier today, with the St. Paul School District in Minnesota announcing plans to give 40,000 iPads to pupils in 37 of its schools. These iPads would be leased from Apple, rather than purchased from the company, as was the case in Los Angeles.


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