Rumors Say Apple has Partnered with Swatch for a Line of ‘iWatch‘ Devices

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    According to a recent report from VentureBeat, Apple has allegedly partnered with watch-maker Swatch to produce an entire line of ‘iWatch‘ devices. Apple's smartwatches are going to come in multiple styles, and at a variety of price points, according to the report.

    The publication says that Apple is building a variety of smartwatches with several partners from the watch industry. Here are more details from the original report:

    However, according to the online outlet, Swatch isn't the single partner that is currently working with Apple. According to Venturebeat's sources, these seem confident that Apple could even partner with Timex on the upcoming release.

    It seems that Swatch has reached out to VentureBeat saying that it is not working with Apple on the release of the upcoming iWatch. This either means that the source had fake information or that Apple could be looking to partner with big watch brands for sales of its iWatch units in their shops.

    Source: VentureBeat

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