New rumor: Apple tests 1.5-inch OLED displays for iWatch

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    Rumors of Apple designing a smart watch users could just wear around their wrists have been popping up now and then, but recently they have intensified. This indicates that theory is slowly becoming reality. This week we have stumbled upon another piece of information that seems to hint that the iWatch will soon become a tangible object.

    Reports coming from Taiwan Economic Times via sources familiar with the matters at hand claim Apple is ready to start the experimental stage for its iWatch project. Even more, the tech giant has unleashed the production process. Testing will begin with the building of 1.5-inch OLED displays.

    According to the newspaper, RITEK’s RITdisplay has already started to produce and test displays that resemble the ones seen in iPod nanos. Ritek is a company that produces flash memory, LED products, AMOLED and OLED screens mainly. The sensors for the smart watch are going to be produced by one of Ritek’s partners – RitFat.

    The second report claims that, one of Apple’s leading manufacture partners, Foxconn, has already received specific orders to start building the iWatch and is now gathering the supplies it needs to kick start.

    Previous rumors have stated that Apple technology chief Bob Mansfield is especially promoting the iWatch. A team of 100 or more engineers has been set up to work on the device and they designed the screen taking inspiration from OLED screens.

    If the rumors are correct, the iWatch might be one of the amazing products Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company will release in autumn? We surely hope so.

    Source: AppleInsider


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