Apple Could Buy the Maker of the Basis Health Tracker Watch for the iWatch

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    Albeit we’ve recently been tipped that the iWatch will launch only in 2015, rumors, leaks and speculations surrounding it don’t seem to stop. One of the most hard to believe recent rumors was the one which was saying that the iWatch could be so technologically advanced that it could have heart attack predicting features. Now, a new report says that Apple could be interested in acquiring Basis Sciences, the company behind the Basis Health Tracker Watch, one of the best smartwatches on the market with a focus on health tracking features.

    The company is apparently up for sale and has spoken to Google, Apple and possibly Samsung and Microsoft about a potential sale. While Google and Microsoft haven’t released yet a smartwatch device, we know that Samsung has launched the Galaxy Gear, so they could make good use of Basis’ patents and technologies.

    Basis is allegedly looking for a “sub-hundred million†dollar price target, which would obviously be an amount Apple can easily afford to pay. We’ve seen that the Cupertino Company has recently increased the hiring of new experts on the mysterious iWatch, but buying a company specialized in making smart watches would really help Apple lay the ground for their own, upcoming device.

    Source: iWatchMag

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