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    For many months my iPad has been zipping along at home over wifi but over the last few weeks Safari has ground to a near halt. I can stream movies and tv programmes without any problems at all (via separate apps) but anything remotely connected with Safari is on a go slow.

    I have checked and done the following: cleared my cache; deleted and reconnected to my router; rebooted my router, rebooted my iPad and checked speeds with Speed Test HD and I'm getting between 4 and 6mb/s.

    At work I don't have any of these problems using the same iPad and on that connection I have only around 1mb/s but safari runs smoothly.

    My macbook's also run fine on my home wifi connection.

    I am using a BT Homehub.

    I seem to recall threads from the past about this but despite many searches I cannot find the answer (I think that I may have even posted in some of those threads).

    I think the answer lies in my router settings but I know nothing about such your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me solve this conundrum.

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