Research Firm Says iPad Sales Drop Caused by Supply and Quality Issues

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 23, 2011.

By Maura on Apr 23, 2011 at 8:03 AM
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    A report on Fox Business says that according to research firm IHS iSuppli, Apple’s lower-than-expected iPad sales for the second quarter were due to supply issues with the new speakers, as well as quality concerns over the LCD panels. According to IHS, Apple’s first-quarter iPad 2 supply fell way short of the massive demand for the device. In short, people wanted to buy it, but they just weren’t able too, meaning that the drop in sales did not reflect a fall in popularity for the iPad, it was simply that Apple couldn’t get enough of them out to the customers.

    IHS says that Apple’s supply problems had very little to do with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, as Apple took steps to make sure that its supply chain for iPad 2 parts would not be too adversely affected, with Apple even paying more for certain parts that were hard to obtain, just to keep the supply chain going.

    Unlike some other analysts who have forecast that Apple’s iPad 2 sales figures will bounce back up in the 3rd quarter, IHS has cut its forecast for Apple’s sales for the rest of 2011, saying that it now believes Apple will ship 39.7 million iPads, which is 9.1% less than its February forecast of 43.7 million.

    Source: ISuppli Trims IPad '11 Forecast On Apple's Shipment Shortfall -


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 23, 2011.

    1. NakedFaerie
      Yep. I think crApple are really stupid in their way of thinking.
      They knew they will sell lots of iPads in the launch month but they don't give the shops enough to sell.
      And as there are now other tablets on the market and even more coming I can see the iPad sales starting to drop.

      Compare the iPad to other tablets and its not really that good. You cant say "oh but the iPad has more apps", the only reason is its been out longer. Wait till the other tablets have been out for years and you will see the iPad's true potential. It'll die a quick death as its so crap compared to other tablets coming.

      1, its so locked up you cant even read a book you paid for.
      2, the quality of its hardware is lower than its competition.
      3, you cant connect anything to it. Try copying a movie from a USB stick to the iPad. Then try to play that movie in it.
      4, EVERYTHING crApple is expensive. The competition has devices from other manufacturers that work with it, crApple forces only crApple devices to work with crApple devices. (Audio/Video out cables)

      I have a bluetooth headset. It wont sync with the iPad.
      I have a bluetooth keyboard and it also refuses to sync with the iPad.
      I can send files from other devices to the PC via bluetooth. The iPad wont let you do that.
      I can do 1000x more with a netbook which costs 1/4 the price of the iPad.
      If you want to do anything good with the iPad you HAVE to jailbreak it. If they want to keep selling the iPad in a year or two then they will have to release a firmware that doesn't need to be jailbreaked. Thats the only way it'll be a wanted device.
      EG: what does the android phone need to do to jailbreak it? tick a box. THATS IT! None of this teather with the PC crap, just tick a box on the actual phone. No wonder its so popular with everyone thats not a crApple fanboy.

      Well, I will end my rant now. Still you can see why the iPad hasn't sold as good as it would've if they actually thought ahead.
      Think about it, how many iPads will they sell if it doesn't need to be jailbreaked and if they had enough in stock? BUT as they don't think that smart I can see it dying off by the end of the year. I'm actually waiting for the HP Slate to come out then I'm getting rid of my iPad.
    2. hookbill
      You fail to say, IMHO. ;) Because that's your experience and opinion.

      I have not had a lock up while reading a book. Matter of fact I've had more lock up on my Android phone which I use a lot less then an iPad.

      Your argument about the apps is the same one that Android fans have been making for over a year. Just wait. Well, the fact is that Android people do not want to pay for quality apps and until they do Apple will always have a better app store then the Market.

      To be fair and honest, it's my experience that any app I've looked for in the App Store I can find in the Market. But the quality of the app varies. 1Password for example is still in Beta in the Market while in the App Store it's fully functional.

      I've had no problems pairing bluetooth headsets with iPad. I have the Motorola S10.

      Right, your bluetooth keyboard won't sync with Apple and that's because Apple wants you to purchase their keyboard. Since I have a Mac I just happened to have one so it worked fine for me.

      As far as if you want anything good you have to jailbreak it, well, if you want anything good with Android you have to root it. I mean come on, you know that.

      Bluetooth files is a good point I suppose but not worth $300.00 more for.

      I'll keep my iPad. Does the job just fine for me.
    3. Hasty
      Heh can't be bothered to reply to a predetermined rant.

      Let's hope he finds what he's looking for, but I'll never buy another HP even if dipped in chocolate.
    4. EARL97850
      "Not even if it's dipped in chocolate"!!!

      That says it all right there.

    5. Studor13
      If you can come up with 1000x or even half of that, I'm going to eat my iPad and buy you an HP iPaq 214. Oh, you don't know what it is? Neither do I, although I was actually stupid enough to have at one stage thought of buying one.

      CrApple? Mate, you are going to have to do better than your rant if you want to introduce it into the Oxford Advanced English dictionary.

      Love my iPad. And so do millions of others minus one.

      Maybe you should also get an HP camera which might even sync with that iPaq 214 that I'm certain to never buy for you.
    6. tzimisce
      Without the iPad, the current resurgence in the market for tablets wouldn't even exist. With a 15-million+ strong customer base, the iPad will not be 'dying off' anytime soon, especially not with all their competitors running around like beheaded chickens.
    7. iPad 2 is cool
      iPad 2 is cool
      IPad sales are down because of lack of raw materials to manufacture more. Has nobody seen what is happening in Eastern Asia. I think Jobs will help the economy there greatly once things are up and running. Admittedly a few will have to wait for there new devices but hey, that's life.

      Would love for some of you ranters to post updates on some of the newer devices that you purchase here to keep us all updated and entertained.

    8. tzimisce
      Yet Apple launched the iPad2 in 17 more countries yesterday. Sales may have slowed because of manufacturing delays, but they most certainly aren't "down".
    9. Good karma
      Good karma
      Well said, the ranters have talked the talk, now lets see them walk the walk :rolleyes:

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